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A Day in the Life of a Nigerian

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The flow of activities for Nigerians: This is how Nigerians move

A detailed breakdown of how Nigerians spend their day and how they transition across different activities is simulated in a time transition model.

It provides a detailed view of what the day of an average Nigerian looks like.

52% of working professionals that participated in the study aged 20-35 resume work between 7:00AM and 9:00AM with 44% resuming at 8:00AM.

Majority work in the Agricultural and Educational sector.

People have busy days: commuting to work, running errands, chores at home, shopping for daily essentials at home whilst finding the time to take care of one’s self and eat.

The simulation shows how people are transitioning from activity to activity at different times of the day; From sleeping to sports, praying to personal care or housework, eating to leisure, traveling to working or studying, eating to working, working to traveling, sports to eating, and leisure to sleeping (Not necessarily in that order).

We wanted to have a better understanding of how an average Nigerian spends the day, so we deployed a survey to 1,000 Nigerians to get a sense of what they do at a specific time in a day.

Through Insiight (a data collection and analytics software), we achieved 1,000 responses within 4 days stress-free via our online data analytics platform. Different activity surveys were deployed using a time-answer format. Respondents had an opportunity to answer a question by inputting the applicable time in AM or PM format.

In the visual above, a timer is set to show the 24hours of a day, humans, represented by dots, running across different activities. The activities are differentiated by colors using the same dot.

  • Sleeping: Yellow dot

  • Praying: Black dot

  • Working: Orange dot

  • Leisure: Red dot

  • Sport: Blue dot

  • Traveling: Green dot

  • Eating: Red dot

  • Education: light purple

  • Housework: Light Green

  • Personal Care: Purple

The day starts and ends for everyone at 12 midnight with a majority of people asleep until 1:20 am when people start to indulge in some activities.

Each dot represents a person, color represents the activity, and time of day is shown at the top left. As someone changes an activity, say from sleep to personal care, the dot moves accordingly.

There are so many dots moving across the screen beautifully. It's easy to get lost, just staring at the way the dots move and lose track of time, making it difficult to keep track of what activity one moves to and what activity one moves from therefore, a description of activities during peak times is provided in subsequent paragraphs.

Wake Up Time

Wake-up time is between 4 AM-9 AM with a majority of people getting up between 6:00 AM – 7:30 AM to engage in Sports/Workout, Personal Care, Prayers, Breakfast, household chores general relaxation/leisure, or traveling to work school or other purpose(s).

Movement intensifies at 7AM as more people are awake and spread out across different activities. More people are awake between 8am and 9am with only less than 10% of people still sleeping. At this time, you see the dots move out more rapidly from the center (where the traveling activity is placed) to other activities.

Late Morning

Most people are engaged in educational activities (school or others), work, sports, household chores, leisure and traveling from one place to the other (interstate or within the state to run different errands) between 11AM -12PM.

Lunch Time

Lunch time is between 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM for most people and they spend an average of 10-30 minutes eating. People move from leisure, sports, work and educational activities to have lunch and move back to relax, travel, work or study after lunch.

Closing Time

People get off work and school between 4PM and 11PM with a majority getting off work between 5 PM-8 PM while a majority of people leave school/stop educational activities between 6PM-9PM. People get on the road (travel) between 4PM-6PM when they sign off from work and educational activities to go home, hang out or workout (sports).


In the evening, people eat between 6PM - 8PM. Majority of people move from Sports to Eating between 6PM - 7PM and majority of people move from Leisure to eating between

8PM - 8:30PM. People generally enjoy dinner for an average of 20 - 30mins and move back to Leisure, Studying or working.

Bed Time

People wrap up the day and prepare to sleep/sleep from 8PM; at 11PM, most are already asleep until 6:30AM -7:30AM when people begin to wake up and the whole cycle is repeated again.

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