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Case Study: How Buycoins is driving Cryptocurrency Adoption in Nigeria with Insiight Ads

Buycoins is the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Nigeria. Its mission is to financially connect the African community, anywhere they are in the world. According to Buycoins, the African community has been largely disconnected from the global economy for too long, so buycoins is relentlessly pursuing its mission of driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies to all and sundry in Nigeria. Buycoins believes that digital currencies and their underlying technology can help usher the global open financial system.

The Challenge:

  • Buycoins wants to drive cryptocurrency adoption amongst millennials and Gen-Zer's in Nigeria

  • Buycoins wants to deepen its product brand awareness and drive quality traffic to its website in a cost-effective way

The Solution

  • The Buycoins team leveraged persona data to implement targeted single Image conversion ads to nurture their target audience, build brand awareness and ultimately drive conversion amongst users within our reward ecosystem (Lumi rewards) using Insiight.

  • The team implemented retargeting ads to convert users who are not likely to get converted easily

The Results

Leveraging Insiight's reach and targeting capabilities, Buycoins achieved all its campaign objectives

  • Buycoins recorded over 400,000 impressions on their ads within two weeks of publishing their campaign

  • Buycoins onboarded over 2000 real and verified users from our reward ecosystem, Lumi rewards, onto its platform

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